From Our Clients

April 5, 2020

“My husband and I fell into some hard times before the coronavirus crisis. We fell behind on our rent. Mr. Mendez advise us to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy so we could pay back what we owed the landlord. We are back on track and we thank this attorney for all his help. I highly recommend him”


January 20, 2020

“I graduated from undergrad and grad with over 100k in student loans. My payment was over $1000 per month. I honestly could not make it happen every month. This attorney helped me lower my payment to less than 100 per month!!! I have a new life now. Im a teacher so I can expect forgiveness of the balance of my loan in 10 years. Amazing”


December 28, 2019

“I move to Miami a few years ago and my credit cards and student loans went out of control. I was completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t afford rent or my car payment. I went to see this attorney and he was able to lower my student loan payments and I got rid of my credit cards. I completely changed my life. I highly recommend this attorney. Great prices and great staff.”


December 22, 2019

“I heard this attorney to help me with a chapter 13 and some student loan problems. I was being sued by two companies and I was on the verge of losing my house and my car. Him and his staff helped me keep my home and keep my car. I’m so grateful that I hired this attorney.”


December 21, 2019

“I recently moved to Miami and I was unable to pay my student loans. this lawyer helped me lower my payment significantly. I also have some credit cards and a repossession that really affected my credit. He guided me through the process and I was able to rebuild my life. I very much thank his attorney and his staff.”


December 21, 2019

“Este abogado reducio miss pagos a cai 150 de 800. Estoy super Feliz!!! Lo estoy recomendando a to-do mi familia!!”


December 21, 2019

“I was being sued and so is my business for a contract that I did not even sign. This attorney helped me figure out a crazy mess that I was in.
The fees are reasonable and I got a great result.”


December 20, 2019

“My sister-in-law hired this attorney to help her with her student loans and then recommended need to him. He helped reduce my payments toless than $100 a month and I’m on track to a forgiveness of a large portion of it. It completely changed my life. I highly recommend”


December 15, 2019

“Me and my husband hired this attorney to help with our crazy student loan payments. He helped lower them to around $100 a month. We also did our bankruptcy with him and we’re very pleased with the results. I highly recommend this attorney. The prices are good. Excellent staff. Excellent service.”


December 8, 2019

“I hired this lawyer about a year ago. He resolved a lawsuit against a credit card that I had with an good result. I recommend him to all of my family.”


December 4, 2019

“Me ayudo mucho Este abogado con mi bancarota. Muy buen precios y servicio. Mi Madre tambiem va usar El doctor Mendez.!!!”


November 30, 2019

“I hired this firm about two months ago to help me with my student loans. They explained how student loan program works. I was able to legally lower my payments to around $100 a month. I highly recommend this attorney”

Carlos Andrade

September 7, 2018

“Acudí al bufete del abogado Diego Mendez para un caso de EB-1 y fui excelentemente atendida por él y todo su equipo, supieron guiarme en todo el proceso correctamente y todos los resultados fueron óptimos, así que los recomiendo ampliamente. Les agradezco al señor Mendez, a la señora Belkys Alvarez y todo el equipo de trabajo de Mendez Law Offices su seriedad y profesionalismo.”


October 10, 2016

“Mr. Mendez worked with me on my financial situation and guided me through the bankruptcy process. He was patient and understanding in answering all of my questions (even the stupid ones).

I could not have gotten through this without his help!”


May 23, 2015

“My wife and I went to serval lawyers before we met with Mendez. He gave us a good payment plan. We got results! Saved my house from forclosrue. I am super happy. Very trustworthy.”


May 17, 2015

“I hired Mr. Mendez to help me with a Chapter 13 case. He recommended we do a Mortgage Mediation and it worked out perfectly. My mortgage is now 969 with escrow. I can’t believe it!!!”


January 19, 2015

“I would like to recommend Mr, Mendez. He helped me and my family save my home. I thought my case was lost and he helped me. I am very happy with his representation!”


January 7, 2015

“The attorney and staff were both very nice. They explained everything that we asked and were very honest with us about what our options were. Overall I am very happy with their service and the price we paid. We had shopped around and this was the best for us.”


December 6, 2014

“I was referred to Mendez by a family member that was able to save his home with this lawyer. I hired him 6 months ago and now my home is out of foreclosure and I am back paying. I was honestly hopeless, but thank GOD I met this lawyer and his firm. excellent!!”


November 17, 2014


I wanted to say that this attorney knew what he was doing. The other guys I dealt with had no idea how to manage my case. Mendez did. He erased a ton of debt and modified my home. I recommend him to everyone.”

Jesse P.

“I hired Mr. Mendez for a Chapter 13 case. His prices were reasonable. And they gave us fantastic service. I was able to obtain a modification that lowered my payment by $750 and stopped a foreclosure. Thank you!!”

Mark Perez

“Es un abogado excelente!!! Nos ayudo salvar nuestra casa. Great lawyer. Knows how to help. Great prices!!!!”

Manny Mendez