Loan Modification Hardship. How to write a hardship letter.

A Loan Modification application is only possible with a strong hardship letter. Learn to write a mortgage modification hardship letter from attorney Diego G. Mendez, Esq., expert in loan modifications and debt issues. Homeowners must understand what is a hardship and what isn't a hardship for a loan modification. Avoid foreclosure with a loan modification through a successful mortgage modification hardship letter. With the end of forbearance and the expiration of the Cares Act mortgage protections, homeowners need to apply for loan modifications in order to keep their homes. Many homeowners fear the mortgage modification application process, specifically how to write a hardship letter that will convince the bank that you are worthy of loan modification. Learn how to write a successful hardship letter and get your best chance of getting a loan modification.

00:00 Introduction
01:09 Hardship Requirement for Loan Modification
01:33 What is a Hardship Letter?
02:26 What is a Hardship for a Loan Modification?
07:30 What is Not a Hardship for a Loan Modification?
12:50 Final Thoughts on Loan Modifications
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