Loan Modification

Bad credit? Can’t refinance? A loan modification can save your home… for free!

Can’t refinance your mortgage because of bad credit or missed mortgage payments? A loan modification is the secret way that any homeowner, regardless of their credit can “refinance” their mortgage. Lower you mortgage payment, get a better interest rate, make you mortgage current and avoid foreclosure. Loan modification are free from point, mortgage fees and closing costs.

Have you been denied for a refinance because your house is in foreclosure? Apply for a loan modification and maybe you can get to the same mortgage payment, regardless of your credit. Loan modification vs refinance. What’s the difference? Loan Modification pros and cons. Banks do not charge you for loan modification and a loan modification can be a lifeline for a homeowner that cannot qualify for a refinance loan. Attorney Diego G. Mendez, Esq. explains the pros and cons of a loan modification.

00:00 Intro
01:19 Your credit does not matter.
02:34 You do not need to be current with your mortgage.
03:23 Current interest rate is irrelevant.
04:17 Banks do not charge you for a loan modification.
05:30 Most banks must review your loan modification application.